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Kim Burrell becomes a hot topic with her message on homosexuality

I am posting this as a point of reference only.  I have had conversations with people who are participating in the discussions about what Pastor Kim Burrell said, however, they have not heard what she said in the clips.

Second, I want all to understand we are only seeing a piece of a message.  There was a beginning and an end to what she said.  I am not saying that to condone her words, but I am saying let's realize we don't have all of the information, only this clip, and her responses.

As with all issues like this where everyone is talking about it, I am using this as a discussion on the show.  I don't believe we can tackle it or come to a solution but I feel we do need to talk about it.

I open the phone lines for discussion but let's allow our focus to be giving the truth in love, whatever your truth is, and whatever side you are on...we are all God's; saved and unsaved and we should treat others as we would want to be treated.  Amen.  

1-888-331-1210  Call and share your views on this discussion this afternoon.

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