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BROTHER MARLON is the host of Morning Inspiration on WAMO100, in Pittsburgh, PA and is called to be a voice for such a time as this.

Inspiring Quote of the Day - December 5

Inspiring Quote of the Day

Monday, December 5, 2016

Motivational Monday family, hope you had a great weekend!  Our Inspiring Quote of the Day says...

"Do not judge my story based upon the chapter you walked in on."

I talked about this recently on the show, we turn on a movie in the middle and we made assumptions based upon what we've seen so far.  Missing what has already happened to get to that point, and what is to come.  You may see someone, or even me, down for a moment.  It's not our place to put finalization on that person to say that's who they will always be, or they're finished.  As long as we have life, we have a chance.  God never gives up on his, we shouldn't give up on people either.  He didn't give up on you.  And if you don't feel you can take part in helping a person get back to where maybe they should be, just pray for them and ask God to send someone who can walk with them!

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