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Barbershop Movie Scene Happens In Real Life

A woman was caught on camera vandalizing a car for more than 6 hours and the car's owner says she can't afford a new one. Stacy Omelianoff says she left the car in front of her friend's house in Los Angeles. A surveillance camera caught the vandal in action. First the woman broke a windshield wiper off and scratched the car with it. She also used a pipe to carve words into the car. She bizarrely even jumped up on the roof to cause more damage and even took a rest on the hood for a while.

Please Help her by giving to her Go Fund Me Account

As I shared on the show, this is a sad story all around.  Sad for the owner of the car, sad for the person who did it, she has some obvious issues, and sad for the people who walked by and didn't even think to alert the authorities about someone damaging a car, whether you thought it was theirs or not...

But the irony in this story is somewhat funny, not the story itself.  There is a scene from the movie Barbershop which we all laughed at...see below...and PLEASE EXCUSE THE LANGUAGE.

This ain't Malcolm Brown's car?  Oh my bad...

In the movie that was a funny moment, and never would I imagine something like that would happen in real life; but it did.  So again, we are praying for this woman, and ask everyone who can to support her in getting her car fixed or purchase a new one.

Go Fund Me Account

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