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Pastor Shirley uses the You Name It Challenge to Give Back

I'm sure you've heard it by now...YOU NAME IT!!!!!!!!

Last year it was Patti Pies because of James Wright's video.  This year it is a song that was recorded originally back in 1989 I think we all remember brother shouting John, from Pastor Shirley Caesar's "Hold My Mule".  She recorded the version that went viral on her album: "After 40 Years Still Sweeping Through The City", which released in 2007/2008.

Last week, DJ Suede created the remix and included an excerpt from the song. He did it for fun, for IG. DJ suede  posted it and it took off. Once Chris Brown accepted the #Unameitchallenge it began to pick up steam and turned into the viral sensation we see today. Many celebrities have joined in or reposting the fun - including Rickey Smiley (who actually was at the recording that night), Nikki Minaj, and several others. Collectively now, the viral videos have well over millions of views. She's been featured on, the associated press, the Wendy Williams show and many more media outlets fascinated by this phenom.

In response to the viral sensation pastor Caesar launched to help children and families in need.

Shirley also has a new album & single "Fill This House" that debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts and received rave reviews. 

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