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BROTHER MARLON is the host of Morning Inspiration on WAMO100, in Pittsburgh, PA and is called to be a voice for such a time as this.

called to be a voice: celebrating 25 years of service

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Ebenezer Baptist Church - 2001 Wylie Avenue - Pittsburgh, PA 15219

What a great night it was to celebrate the accomplishments and service of Brother Marlon.  For the past 25 years, Brother Marlon has worked diligently in the radio industry in various capacities.  He began his time on the radio airways back in 1992 at Washington and Jefferson College. He later became an intern at WAMO in 1994 which launched his radio career.  Throughout the 25 years in radio, Marlon’s voice has remained the same, however in 1997 he dedicated his life to Christ, thus birthing his radio ministry.  Brother Marlon is the host of Morning Inspiration on WAMO100, in Pittsburgh, PA.  For the past six years he worked at Sheridan Gospel Network.  During that time he went from network producer, to Music Director and host of the networks nationally syndicated afternoon show, "The Brother Marlon Show".  Earlier this year he was promoted to Program Director until the company recently shut down.

“Called to Be a Voice” Celebrating 25 Years of Service, was a celebratory event that delivered “Inspiration, Laughter, and Praise”.  People of all ages were engaged, educated, and encouraged as we showcased national and local talent, shared in laughter, worship and much more. In addition, we honored those who have been influential and supportive throughout this journey. The featured guests included national gospel artists J.J. Hairston and Jokia.  The night also featured some of Pittsburgh's finest artists such as Nikki Porter, Zanetta Wingfield, Keesha Sheffey, Jordan Welch, Anita Levels, Pastor Deborah Moncrief, JE Gamble, Maali P., Stay Humble, 3PFD, Church B., Nahledge, MOT, Ebenezer Baptist Church Created 2 Praise, Char Biggs & High Praise, and Praise/Worship by Tereasa Cargo.


Thank You!

Hey family! So after some much needed rest, making sure mom is okay, etc. I need to say THANK YOU to so many people for making my 25 years in radio event a huge success! First of all my family. My wife Ellise Small Martin, my children, siblings, aunts/uncles, cousins, natural and spiritual...thank you so much! To my mom who out of love overextended herself and ended up in the hospital because she is so proud and happy for her only son, even though I may not agree, I do understand your push because I am just like you...LOL! Thank you for your love and support not just in these past 25 but in all 44. And a special thank you to my Aunt/Godmother Beverly Goodnight for just being you, you are always there, and I love you so much! To my bro Jj Hairston, and my new sis Jokia Williams and my new bro Ben thank you for sharing your ministry gifts with us, it was amazing! To our hosts: Apostle Otis L. CarswellSista Inez aka Bry Breeze Youngblood (how did so many people not know that was you...LOL), and my sister Sherri Lynn. To Jerome KirklandLoren Kirkland, Ryan, and Loran Mann Thank you, the band was tight! To my sisters Nicol Smith Porter (that song is 3 for 3, ijs), Anita Brown LevelsJordan WelchKeesha SheffeyDeborah MoncriefZanetta L. Wingfield Thank you!!! (people are still talking about that medley!!!) To my brothers the Pittsburgh Cypher crew J.E. GambleJamaal PeekJerry Stay Humble JeffersonEvan TachoirDon Gordon, Nahledge, Gene Mot Shelby (Mele Mel I missed your presence bro, but always one of my favorites). To Char Biggs and High Praise, and Ebenezer's Created to Praise...thank you! To Pastor Campbell and Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church thank you for allowing me to say thank you to everyone and partnering with me on this venture. To Jackie Patterson WilsonJa-Neen Jones and 3 Rivers Adoption Council for sponsoring this event...Jackie I was expecting you to talk about the children and why people need to support what you guys do, I never imagined you would break everything down the way you did, but I was so blessed by your words, thank you so much for everything!!!!! And to all of the sponsors/people who purchased ads/and those who just contributed financially in any way, thank you!!!!! To all of the staff who worked very hard to make this night a success Clinetta Hill Jackson, my sister Lisa ArnettDolores DA Stubbs you got me good with Mr. @Thornhill!!! @Akia Overton, my sister Towanda Young, Stacy, Sister Clara, and Minister Deborah Collieryou guys worked so well together and I am so grateful for all you did! To Toroe Fields, Erias BlackwellBrian Cook, and Doushon Germany for handling the A/V and photos, to my brother Lawrence bka The King of DJ's Mighty Man Productions thanks for all of your help bro! Also to Pastor Deryck Tines, a man of favor, resources and wisdom, thank you for sharing them with me! To those who came out to celebrate, those who came from out of town, wow, thank you so much, my heart is full knowing you came to celebrate 25 with me! To my Washington & Jefferson College family Donald DM Conley, Jr. aka Biv, Elizabeth SandersChristine TaylorTara Sparks-Gatling, and Jamie all were there from the start and you were there Saturday to celebrate with me! I love you guys to life, who could have imagined 25 years ago listening to 92.1 that we'd be here...Mar & Biv...LOLOLOL! To my big brothers Pastor Marlon McWilson, Bishop Derrick Johnson, Pastor Allen Gray aka "Hustleman" (dude that suit...whoa!!! Thank brah!) and to Michael Gamble Thank you!!! To anyone I may have missed, please forgive me charge it to my head and not my heart! And lastly my brother Tee Jay who put in countless hours and told my story like I could have never imagined you blew me away!!! To Allegra Battle who wrote the story and Lamman Rucker for lending your pipes to narrate the story...I can't wait for everyone to see what you guys put together Real Eyes: The Story of Brother Marlon look out for it as it is the first of many untold stories! I am truly grateful for this opportunity to celebrate 25 years, but now that we've done it, onto the next assignment, let's get it! Thanks again everyone! And be on the look out for: iPraise PGH and Pittsburgh's Excellence in Gospel Awards.

Oh Lord, I missed the background singers, sorry cause you all did an amazing job! Verna HollowayJulia Jay FlowersKrystyn Marie Kirkland, Khiry L. Patterson and I also missed Tereasa Cargo opening us up with Praise and Worship, what a gift you are, and will continue to be! And again please forgive me if I missed anyone else...

Oh one more... Thanks to Rich Sheffey of Legacy 412 who styled me on Saturday!

Brother Marlon



Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church - 2001 Wylie Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Rev. Vincent Campbell, Senior Pastor


Special thanks to all of our sponsors, everyone who took out an ad in the booklet, and anyone who sowed a financial seed of any kind for making this celebration a success.

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Special Thanks to Mario at MG Auto Sales for being a sponsor of Brother Marlon's 25th Year in radio event and helping us with our ground transportation for the weekend!


Perhaps it was a bad day and his infectious laugh caused you to laugh with him.  Maybe it was a great day, and the songs he played and the topics he discussed made a great day even more wonderful.  Or, it was your favorite gospel artists, actors or pastors he interviewed, giving you a glimpse into what inspires them, and in turn, you became inspired.  No; without a doubt, it was the entire show, the embodiment of joy, the totality of how God blesses you through the ministry of Brother Marlon and the Brother Marlon Show.

Over the years, Brother Marlon has donated his time, talent, and treasure to numerous fundraisers, outreaches, and events, and now you have an opportunity to say thank you for his hard work, dedication, and service to the community.

Consider sending a donation to support the Brother Marlon 25th Year Anniversary concert celebrating the time he has been "Called to be a Voice".  Though the celebration was to highlight the milestone in Brother Marlon's career, it also served as an opportunity for him to give back.  Giving back in thanks to his family and many supporters over the years, and giving back by way of a fundraiser where proceeds were donated to The Alzheimer's Association, a foundation that researches the illness that affected his father for over 17 years, and to the hurricane relief efforts for the Caribbean Islands where his wife is from.  

No donation is too small or large you can still donate to this campaign.

Thank you in advance for your consideration!

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We would like to invite you to participate in this spectacular event by being a sponsor or by placing an ad in our program booklet. Your contributions will help offset the costs associated with this event. It is our hope that you will join us in our efforts to provide a free event that is designed to be entertaining, influential and inspiring to all that are in attendance. Your gift will not only be an investment in our event, but in the overall well-being of our communities.

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featured guests

Gospel Recording Artist JJ Hairston, Founder/Leader of Youthful Praise, who gave us songs like, Awesome God, Lord You're Mighty, Resting On His Promises, their first #1 single You Deserve It and more...

New Artist Jokia.  Brother Marlon was on vacation earlier this year with his family and heard her song The Father on WLIB and immediately sought her out.  The next week the two would meet at GMWA 50 in Atlanta, and the rest is history.

The Pittsburgh Cypher was live at Ebenezer Baptist Church on November 11 featuring local Pittsburgh artists Brother Marlon has had the pleasure of supporting over his career in radio: JE Gamble, Maali P., Stay Humble, 3PFD, Church B. and Nahledge.

Countdown Video

Last month we had Todd Dulaney with us for the Free to Worship Tour and I saw this awesome idea!!! So we decided to do a Countdown Video for the service the other night for people to watch while they waited for service to begin...

program booklet

click on the left side to scroll to the left, and click on the right side to scroll to the right

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Saturday night as we celebrated 25 years that God has blessed me to be in radio for me was about more than just people saying nice things about me, but it was about me saying thank you to those who have blessed me, and been there for me. So I surprised some people with my own recognition for them and presented them with the Brother Marlon!

The first was the Trailblazer Award to the person who represents all of those who came before me in radio, who I listened to, who set a great example and allowed me to follow in their path. I was so happy to present this award to Apostle Otis L. Carswell

The next Brother Marlon Award was the Motivator Award. It goes out to a person who motivated me, and helped me during a very difficult transition in my life, and provided me with the necessary tools to overcome future obstacles in my life. He was at the service on Saturday but he had to leave, but he is a powerful motivator in my life and I am happy to say thanks to David Plumby from Linsly School for everything you are to me and so many others! Thanks Coach P.

The next Award went out to a person who showed me Excellence in the craft. If you know my story you know I started in college but later interned at WAMO shout out to Anji Corley who was very instrumental in working with the interns and promotions back in 94. But that opportunity was made possible because of Nick Schilling bka Nick Nice. Once I turned 21 I went to the clubs not to meet girls or party, but to watch the DJ. And I would follow Nick around the city but never said anything until one night I got up enough nerve at the Name of the Game, and from that point on we've been brothers! He taught me how to be an excellent DJ and on the mic, how to care for your equipment, how to handle the business of being a DJ. He wasn't able to be there Saturday because after almost 40 years of Dee Jaying for him, he is still in HIGH demand!

Award #4 was the Mentorship Award. Given to an individual who represents those who have poured into me over these 25 years. I have been so blessed to have so many give me the tools necessary to be great on air, and in life. Shout out to Hurricane DaveRon Atkins (who gave me my first shot on the air professionally and mentored me over the years) Eric Wilds bka JJ Stone, the late Kris Kelly, Al B. Sylk (who allowed me to come and shadow them on a daily basis while I was at RMC and should have been in class, but they allowed me to see how to do the job right!) Toss Swaid (who helped me to develop into more than just a club DJ, he gave me the insight needed to make the jump to be a morning show host/producer and more). I appreciate all of them, but the individual who received the award was called into my life for more than just radio, it was about being a mentor in life and ministry, and is still there to help me navigate in being a man of God who is heard on the air, so I was pleased to award my mentor, my big brother Michael Gamble.

Now it's important to recognize the reason we were there on Saturday, or should I say the person responsible for us being there... and no it's not me. First of course it's God, second the man that invited me to the studio in the first place. I always say radio found me, I wasn't looking for it. I was in school for accounting until it found me. And radio found me because Donald DM Conley Conley, Jr. aka Biv recognized I was going through a difficult time as I was just injured and ruled out for the rest of the football season (a season in which we won the National Championship, I still kick myself for not getting my ring...Taj Lewis but that's another story, LOL!) That inspiration is what we celebrate 25 years later, so thanks to Donald for being a great friend, and continuing to be that and more today! I was honored to give Donald the Inspiration Award!

I also gave out more awards live that night to my family. I presented my mom with the Cornerstone Award, for being the cornerstone in our family and my life. I have been blessed to have two very supportive parents, and though my father is now at rest my mom still continues to bless me beyond measure.

I presented my wife Ellise Small Martin with the Good Thing Award because as the scripture reminds us that he that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord. I have to say I am blessed to have a wife who allows me to be who I am called to be, as that takes me on the road, and away from home from time to time or even working from home a lot. She is there to make sure I'm good, and the house runs good. So to that I say I am blessed to have my good thing, and I because of that I walk in favor!

I also presented my 4 sons with the Sonship Award. In the Kingdom of God, everything is passed down from father to son. I have 4 amazing sons Marlon, Jason, Ephraim, and Caleb who allow me to pour into them. I wasn't the best father early on, not because I didn't love my kids, I really did love them a lot, but I was still trying to find myself. But as time has gone on, I do my best daily to be better for them. I'm not perfect but I'm there. So I thank my sons for allowing me to set a path for them to follow.

And lastly I presented to of my siblings in the Lord Tee Jay and Sherri Lynn with the Cheerful Award. This could have been called the Iron Award, or the Cheerful Iron Award because Iron sharpens Iron and they help keep me sharp. I have people that pour into me, I have people I pour into, and because of them I have peers I can relate to and with. The definition of Cheerful is: The quality or state of being noticeably happy and optimistic. The quality of causing happiness. They are that for me and I'm so grateful. Just Saturday it was displayed because there were some technical issues going on before the event, I'm not dressed, frustrated in the parking lot looking for something and I really just wanted to get in the car and leave... but here comes Sherri, pulling up in the parking lot like, "Hey! What are you doing out here?" And that hey put me in the space I needed to be in, I got myself together and went on in, fixed the issue, got dressed and we had a great night. If not for that hey, the headlines might have been Brother Marlon missing for celebration...LOL!

REAL EYES - The Story of Brother Marlon

If you weren't there you missed the entire documentary produced by TeeJayVision Films, written by Allegra Battle and narrated by Lamman Rucker.  The production will be released very soon in a live Q&A with Brother Marlon and Tee Jay.


  Inspiration  - Apostle Otis Carswell

Inspiration - Apostle Otis Carswell

  Laughter  - Sista Inez

Laughter - Sista Inez

  Praise  - Sherri Lynn Johnson

Praise - Sherri Lynn Johnson

How and Where it All Started

2017-03-16 12.01.24.jpg

Brother Marlon (February 2017) Back on the campus of Washington & Jefferson College 25 years later.


This is the football stadium at Robert Morris University.  In 1991 during a college visit to Robert Morris, they told me they would never have a football team because it didn't make financial sense.  I made the decision to go to Washington & Jefferson.  Two (2) years later in 1993 they made the announcement they were starting a football team.  If this would have been there in 1991, I would not have went to W&J, I would have went to Robert Morris.  Robert Morris had a TV station but not radio.


Brother Marlon with Donald Conley, Jr.  Donald introduced Brother Marlon to radio in 1992 at Washington & Jefferson College.

2017-03-18 15.45.52.jpg
2017-03-16 12.57.31.jpg

This is the current studio at Washington & Jefferson College (2017).  A major improvement to the conditions Donald and Brother Marlon worked in back in 1992.

Brother Marlon Through the Years

Too bad we don't have all of the photos to share but these are some of the photos over the years most within the 25 years, some before... just to give you a glimpse of who Brother Marlon is. 


I just read an email to my wife from my sis Sheila Beasley, it was so good to see her and her family especially mom!!! Also to my PBMF family for coming and supporting, thank you!!!


I just want to give you a HUGE THANK YOU for the inclusion of such a wonderful event celebrating Brother Marlon! I am so sorry I didn't get a chance to give you a hug in person at the VIP reception. By the time I got baby girl some 'heavy requested' (lol) grapes and cheese things were transitioning. Thank you for including us on the VIP and having Sis look out for us. It was very nice! The appetizers and décor was warm and welcoming. Awesome way to be received, just as Brother Marlon brings in his spirit all the time. Praise God I did capture a couple great pics I've shared below with his Beasley/PBMF family. The program booklet is EXCEPTIONAL! What a wonderful keepsake celebrating the program, associates, ministries and his beautiful family. I absolutely love the back cover pic of you (Ellise) Brother Marlon and your children. Last but certainly not least, the program was so uplifting and anointed to give God the praise for the many blessings of our brother. What a wonderful evening! Kudos to you and your hard work and thank you once again for remembering Sis Sheila B. and family and may God continue to bless and keep you!!

Love and Blessings,
Sis Sheila B.

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